7 Creative Ways to Garden

7 creative ways to grow vegetables

It’s never too late in the season to plan a new vegetable garden, even if it’s the heat of summer.  You can always plant a fall garden or decide how you want to change your garden next spring.  Growing your own vegetables gives you time to outside and it’s extremely satisfying to taste the results.  It can also be a way to save money and make sure you are eating healthy food that you grew yourself.

There are creative ways to maximize what you can plant in your vegetable garden regardless of size.  Take a look at each of these creative ways to grow vegetables and decide which one will work for you.  Let us know if you try one and send us a photo.


Give your plants the support to grow upward, this allows you to limit the footprint that your plant occupies.  Vegetables that grow well vertically are cucumbers, tomatoes,  peas, pole beans, squash and melons.  To take advantage of unused space, you can also plant pots along the fence and grow smaller plants like strawberries or herbs.

Vertical supports can be crafted from any number of inexpensive sources.  This photo shows how metal pipes fastened to a fence with a fabric shoe tree can create space where there was none.

You can plant along a fence, wall or use a metal cage.  You can read more about how to build your own metal cage or trellis in this article.

To learn more about using a trellis to maximize growing space see this article from Rodale’s Organic Life  or this article from Balcony Garden Web.  If you want to mix in some flowers with your vegetables, there are many flowers that grow well with vertical support like Hollyhocks, Bougainvillea, Blue Moon Wisteria, Morning Glory, Campsis Radicans (Trumpet Vine), Honeysuckle and Clematis.


A Keyhole garden is a specific shape of raised-bed garden with a secret ingredient in the center, compost. The compost in the middle nourishes the plants around it.  It works well in dry climates.  The shape of the garden makes reaching both the compost and the surrounding plants easier.  It can be round or U-shaped.

…. For Full article right click link below and go to site.  Enjoy



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