Walkways, Patios & Other Hardscaping Services

Walkways, Patios & Other Hardscaping Services

Our construction services provide solid foundations throughout Richland, WA and the surrounding areas

In addition to a lawn, shrubs and flower beds, an attractive yard can include “hardscaping.” Hadrscaping is built to enhance landscape design. Whether your yard is residential or commercial, we will enhance its attractiveness and make it inviting by adding features you can be proud of.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful new walkway or the final touches to create a foundation for a patio, C&M Landscaping & Nursery has hardscaping services for all your construction needs.

Among the services that C&M Landscaping & Nursery can provide are:

• Walkways that wind in or around a yard
• Walls necessary to contain a yard or to provide privacy
• Gazebos that can add an inviting feature to any yard
• Water features that can be not only attractive but also calming
• Pergolas

Call C&M Landscaping & Nursery today at 509-946-0221 for all your construction and hardscaping needs. We’ll come to you from Richland and travel throughout the Pasco, Kennewick & Tri-Cities of Washington.